ZUOS ZA000 Heavy Duty Aluminum Yellow Double Handle Suction Cup


This Vacuum Suction Cup is designed to easily lift & move heavy glasses, windows, tile, granite; repairing laminate floor gaps; installation and any DIY projects with plane clean surface. It provides an instant lifting aid which reduces the risk of injury through manually handling awkward loads. Our suction cup lifter is made with durable ABS plastic handle with a spring loaded locking handle along with a heavy duty rubber suction cup.

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ZUOS is a brand which specialized in all kinds of Suction Cup. Suction cup is a great product to be used to stick on any smooth surface. Perfect for Glass Puller / Lifter / Gripper.


⚠ Dimensions: double suction cups with a diameter of 11.8 cm and a thickness of 7 mm each.

⚠ Capacity: double suction cup with maximum lifting load capacity of 150 kg in the plane and 100 kg in vertical.

⚠ Uses: suction cup ideal for lifting, moving, extracting, grasping, handling materials.

⚠ Applications: glass, mirror, metal sheets, stone slabs etc.

⚠ Advantages: makes the job easier, reduces the possibility of accidents.


1.The product does not work on wooden surfaces.

2. Always try to make sure there is good suction before lifting.

3.In extreme cold conditions, the rubber suction cups must be heated to work properly.

Additional information

Weight 1.6 oz
Dimensions 13 × 4.8 × 4.5 in


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