IMT6″ IMT C200 One Pack 2 Pole Super Strong Seamless Seam Setter Vacuum Suction Cups


Suction cups, making it flexible enough to handle flat and rounded non-porous materials, including automotive windshields, windows and body panels, glass panels and sheet metal. This multi-purpose glass lifter can be securely attached to a load using just one hand with its convenient thumb pump mechanism.




Product Dimensions: 17.1*5.7*5.3inches

Item Weight: 3 pounds


Description :

★3 in 1 tool: The IMT seam setter can be used as seam joiner, seam leveler and back splash holder. It is designed to pull two flat non-porous surfaces or seams together. Perfect for marble, granite, flooring mirrors, glass and plastic, etc.
★Make Installation Work Easier: It produces clean, chipfree and straight edges perfectly. With this tool, you can get the job done right, fast and elegantly. A must for professional stone fabricators and granite counter top installers.
★Durable, Long-lasting: The two 6″ hand pump vacuum suction cups to hold the countertops firmly with ease. The durable stainless steel beams and high quality machined aluminum tightening handles make it long-lasting and ideal for heavy-duty stone tops.
★Easy to use: A fine-tuned adjustable knob for seam joining or opening, two fine-tuned adjustable knobs for precise leveling.
★Premium Quality with Excellent Customer Service: The glass lifter through the CE, SGS, RoHS, PAHS certification. 1 year 100% satisfied quality warranty.

 Our Advantage:


  • Made with Premium and Eco-friendly Materials
  • Excellent Aftersales Service, We’ve got your back
  • 30 Days Money Back and One Year Quality


   How to use:

  • Place the fixed (left) suction cup on the left slab. Place the movable (right) suction cup on the right slab.
  • Pump the plunger until the suction cup attaches completely. When the red line is hidden, vacuum is sufficient for lifting.
  • To join the seam, turn the side knob counter-clockwise until you are satisfied with a seamless appearance.
  • To level the slabs, make sure one of the blue head under the top knob is on the higher side of the seam and turn the top knob clockwise until the slabs are leveled. Usually you only need to use one top knob to level. Use two when there are any expanding needs.
  • Lift the rubber tab on the edge of the suction cup to release the suction after seam has been completed.


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