ZUOS Z2900 Glass Cutter Tool (6 Way Cutting Wheel)


DURABLE – 6 TUNGSTEN CARBIDE CUTTING WHEELS INCLUDING, Cutting life is over 20,000 meters, outlast other cutters by up to 35 times!


ZUOS is a brand which specialized in all kinds of glass tools. This Glass Cutter Tool can cut thick glass and makes section neatness and beauty, Perfect for cutting glass art work also other craft and household uses. It is made with wood handle and steel head.


Size: 14×2.5×2.5cm

Weight: 75 g

Cutting Thickness Range: 2 mm ~ 6 mm

Wheel Material: Tungsten Carbide, RL01, rigidity of 94.5, anti-bend 1550 mpa

Handle Material:  Wood

Package Content: 

1 x Glass Cutting Tool

1 x Manual Instruction

How To Use Glass Cutter:

Put the glass on a flat surface, wipe clean the glass where you want to cut with a clean cloth.

Hold glass cutter firmly in one hand, with your other hand holding the glass. Maintain the same pressure through out the score. Don’t let up on the pressure until you have rolled the cutter.

When the line is scribed, gently tap the glass underneath the line (on the opposite side of the glass) with the handle of the cutting tool, and the glass will break along the line neatly.

It’s better to try this a couple of times on a scrap piece of glass for practice and confidence.


Plain glass only!This cutters are not suitable for round glass

Remember to wear eye protection when cutting when cutting stained glass or any glass for that matter.


Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 5.5 × 3 × 3 in

1 in box, 10 in box, 100 in box, 50 in box


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